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Provide the best service to the North Beach community.


There are a lot of benefits to joining the North Beach Business Association, and here are just a few:

  • You'lll get listed on this website
  • We all look after each other, to keep North Beach vibrant.  There is power in numbers, and NBBA has proven it.
  • NBBA publishes guides and maps of North Beach, and your business will be listed whenever applicable.

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The NBBA is local merchant based business association. We are not a charitable organization but we do offer a limited amount of grant partnerships. It is our policy to promote community partnerships and to facilitate a fair evaluation of all projects submitted with guidelines described in the following documents – which you’ll need to get started in applying for a Community Grant from the North Beach Business Association. Please contact us for further information and any questions you may have.

NBBA Board of Directors

Fady Zoubi - President

Teague Kernan - Vice President

Kathleen Dooley - Treasurer

James Cha - Secretary

Daniel Macchiarini

Al Ribaya

Ida Pantaleo Zoubi

Lynnot Spiegel (Jefferies) **

Mike Zwiefelhof (Z Ciccollato) **

** New Board Members

History of North Beach Business Association

It all began sixty years ago with the North Beach Chamber of Commerce... Read more...

North Beach Business Association Meeting Minutes

October 2016