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North Beach: The Best Place To Shop For The Holidays

Not only is North Beach the city's loveliest neighborhood – but we've got Shops.

Things have shifted in the city over the last week or two. There’s a decided chill in the air, and the days have shortened perceptibly. The pedestrians have taken on a purposeful gait as they rush to prepare for the holiday that is, all of a sudden, upon us.

Here in North Beach, it’s a good place to be for the holidays. We are largely insulated from the retail madness of Union Square and the Market Street shopping district. And if you were going to build a movie set depicting an idyllic Christmas, it would probably look a lot like North Beach.

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got shops. Let’s face it, most people still have some shopping to do, and unless you want to confront the hordes, North Beach is the ticket. And if you’re thinking Amazon, think again: online shopping is bad for lots of reasons, but it’s terrible for our neighbors who run the retail shops that we rely on. Remember, they count on strong holiday sales. Do your part to make sure they get them.

Below is a partial rundown of a few of the great shops in the neighborhood. We’ll be back soon with more North Beach news, and we wish all of you a warm and gratifying holiday season. Buon Natale!

Where To Shop In North Beach

AB Fits – 1519 Grant Avenue

Al’s Attire – 1300 Grant Avenue

Aria Antiques – 1522 Grant Avenue

Columbus Cutlery – 358 Columbus Ave

Darkside Initiative - 1827 Powell Street

Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods – 1841 Powell Street

Little Vine – 1541 Grant Avenue

Lola of North Beach – 1415 Grant Avenue

Macchiarini Design – 1544 Grant Avenue

Paul Thiebaud Gallery – 645 Chestnut Street

Therapy – 1445 Grant Avenue

Z Cioccolato – 474 Columbus Avenue

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