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North Beach: The Best Place To Shop For The Holidays

Not only is North Beach the city's loveliest neighborhood – but we've got Shops.

Things have shifted in the city over the last week or two. There’s a decided chill in the air, and the days have shortened perceptibly. The pedestrians have taken on a purposeful gait as they rush to prepare for the holiday that is, all of a sudden, upon us.

Here in North Beach, it’s a good place to be for the holidays. We are largely insulated from the retail madness of Union Square and the Market Street shopping district. And if you were going to build a movie set depicting an idyllic Christmas, it would probably look a lot like North Beach.

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got shops. Let’s face it, most people still have some shopping to do, and unless you want to confront the hordes, North Beach is the ticket. And if you’re thinking Amazon, think again: online shopping is bad for lots of reasons, but it’s terrible for our neighbors who run the retail shops that we rely on. Remember, they count on strong holiday sales. Do your part to make sure they get them.

Below is a partial rundown of a few of the great shops in the neighborhood. We’ll be back soon with more North Beach news, and we wish all of you a warm and gratifying holiday season. Buon Natale!

Where To Shop In North Beach

AB Fits – 1519 Grant Avenue

Al’s Attire – 1300 Grant Avenue

Aria Antiques – 1522 Grant Avenue

Columbus Cutlery – 358 Columbus Ave

Darkside Initiative - 1827 Powell Street

Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods – 1841 Powell Street

Little Vine – 1541 Grant Avenue

Lola of North Beach – 1415 Grant Avenue

Macchiarini Design – 1544 Grant Avenue

Paul Thiebaud Gallery – 645 Chestnut Street

Therapy – 1445 Grant Avenue

Z Cioccolato – 474 Columbus Avenue

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North Beach Commercial Vacancies Prompt Action: Enough Is Enough

On Wednesday afternoon, we will join Supervisor Aaron Peskin at 527 Columbus Avenue near Green Street, where commercial units have been kept off the rental market for nearly a decade. The press will be in attendance, and Supervisor Peskin and SFNBBA board members are expected to speak about the need for these commercial landlords to do their part to restore the commercial rental supply in our neighborhood–and the well-being of our commercial district. It’s not complicated: we are simply asking that property owners offer their vacant spaces for rent, and at a reasonable market rate.

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Wintry Weather Brings Holiday Events And More To North Beach

This Friday, December 7th, the neighborhood will once again host the North Beach Wine Walk. If you haven't participated in the event before, it's a great way to meet some of the neighborhood's best retailers; shops like Z Cioccolato, Lola and Cole Hardware will be opening their shops after normal hours, and hosting local vintners to pour samples of their tastiest wines for attendees.

The Beach Never Sleeps: New Offerings Abound

Here in North Beach, it’s been a mighty strange couple of weeks. As much as we’ve tried to focus on our labors, the smoky, toxic air conditions brought by the tragic Camp Fire to our north has admittedly knocked our neighborhood a little bit out of whack. And that’s only natural, in a place where our residents are used to spending so much time outdoors. So we're here to give you a quick review of what's been afoot.

Business Owner Recognized For Heroism; Macchiarini Design Turns Seventy

This weekend, Edson Garcia, the owner of Brioche Bakery and Café on Columbus Avenue, was honored by Supervisor Aaron Peskin and the North Beach Business Association for a remarkable act of courage. 

Washington Square Mitigation Plan Finally In Place; Meanwhile, Ten Trees Gone

If you’ve been reading the blog, you already know Washington Square Park faces temporary closure in the coming months for renovations. Here at the SFNBBA, we’ve been lobbying the city and S.F. Recreation & Park for months.

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The vacancy crisis in North Beach is an ongoing concern, and this month we received some new data on the problem. According to a new report conducted by the San Francisco North Beach Business Association (SFNBBA) in cooperation with Telegraph Hill Dwellers and North Beach Neighbors, the numbers are jarring: over the past three years, the number of vacant ground-floor commercial spaces in the neighborhood has doubled.

It’s Always Sunny In North Beach: North Beach Festival Weekend Is Here

The very first street fair in America, The North Beach Festival has been the blueprint for neighborhood fairs and block parties for decades. And this weekend, we're celebrating the festival for the 64th time. In other news, is there trouble on the horizon for Washington Square Park?

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There is always plenty afoot in North Beach, and this month is no exception: the annual North Beach Festival, due to hit our streets on Saturday and Sunday, June 16th and 17th, is always a monster event. We’re expecting a record turnout for our 64th year.
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Jan 23

Community Action: Resolve The Vacancy Crisis

Community Action: Resolve The Vacancy Crisis Wednesday, January 23rd @ 1:00 PM 527 Columbus Avenue, North Beach, SF (just north of Green St.)