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It’s Always Sunny In North Beach: North Beach Festival Weekend Is Here

The Nation's First Street Fair Returns To The Streets Of North Beach

Time does rush past. And as you can tell by the proliferation of t-shirts and sundresses on our sidewalks, Summer has just about arrived. Festival season is fully underway at this point, and this weekend it’s time for the granddaddy: North Beach Festival, set for this Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17.

Ours is America’s very first outdoor festival, and this will be North Beach Festival’s sixty-fourth year. If the last few days are any indication, the weather should be breezy and sunny, fitting conditions for what is typically North Beach’s best party.

The 64th Annual North Beach Festival

For the uninitiated, the North Beach Festival is an oversized street fair, a lively combination of the traditional and modern that draws people from all over the Bay Area. Though the events focus on the trapezoid of Columbus Avenue, Grant Avenue, and Green and Vallejo Streets, the revelry sprawls across the entire neighborhood, with 125 arts & crafts vendors, twenty gourmet food stands, live music and more. There are always those that wish to eschew the crowds, but I’ve been living here for a dozen years, and I never miss it.

A vendor grills up a batch of oysters for the crowds at a recent North Beach Festival. | Photo: Adam S., Yelp

The festival kicks off with the traditional blessing of the animals, to be held, as always, at the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi at 610 Vallejo Street. And for those of you out there with young children, as in years past there will be a kids’ chalk art area. For a few bucks, you can purchase a square of the street and let your kids get creative. We provide the chalk, you provide the kids, and we let inspiration take its path! It’s a great way to get the kids involved in the community, and into the spirit of the celebration.

Of course, there’s more than enough diversion for the adults: two stages of live entertainment, beer and wine gardens, poetry readings, and more. And as a special treat, Circus Bella, now in its eleventh year, will be returning: the single-ring circus troupe includes trapeze, rope walking, and a dazzling 9-person juggling act.

And let’s not forget, all of this takes place in North Beach– the coolest neighborhood in the city, any day of the year.

SF Rec & Park Squares Off With North Beach Over Park Closure

On a more serious note, as we reported here recently, San Francisco Recreation & Parks has been quietly planning to close Washington Square Park for a period of six months to a year. This closure is slated to begin at the end of this year. Despite the agency’s claims of outreach and the sheer scale of this proposed project, most people in the neighborhood still don’t know about this. 

The SFNBBA invited a representative from Rec & Park, Project Manager Levi Conover, to our board meeting on June 5th. Our goals: to apprise him of our opposition to this plan, and to find a way to delay the work until a more acceptable time. We told Conover of the near-constant construction we have endured in North Beach, and reminded him of the recent fire on Union Street and the ongoing vacancy problems on Columbus Avenue adjacent to the park. We also learned that the irrigation work, while important, is not exactly urgent. 

According to Conover, he met with Supervisor Aaron Peskin yesterday to address these objections, leading to “some progress.” Many in the neighborhood aren’t entirely comfortable with these assurances, and there has been talk of a filing an appeal to the park closure. 

We reached out to Rec & Park to find out exactly what their plans were. Connie Chan, the agency’s Deputy Director of Communications and Public Affairs, responded: “the Department will again reach out to the community to further discuss neighborhood impacts, and possible mitigations to the impacts before moving forward with the project construction.” To us, this sounds a lot like “details aside, this is happening.” 

We believe that Rec & Park generally means well. But they don’t live, work or own businesses here. We’ve already lost too many small businesses. This neighborhood is healthy, but it needs a break from the construction–or it may not be much longer.

For more info, feel free to reach out to us at To get involved, and tell Rec & Park and our Supervisor that you don’t want our park to be closed for a year, contact Levi Conover ( and Aaron Peskin, District 3 Supervisor ( And we'll see you at the Festival!

North Beach Rising: Neighborhood Rallies With Series Of Events

Spring Wine Walk, Doors Open Events Enliven North Beach

North Beach is a special neighborhood for many reasons. The events of recent weeks illustrate just one of them: Since the tragic fire of March 17th hollowed out the historic building at the 600 block of Union Street, North Beach has responded with grace, and with unity. 

In the days after the conflagration, as San Francisco was still reeling from the news, North Beach went to work. A few determined locals quickly organized a series of events to support the beleaguered neighborhood. SF Phoenix Week, organized by Nils Marthinsen of Belle Cora and Laura Thompson of Columbus Cafe, brought together a lineup of the neighborhood’s best bars, restaurants and retailers. Kicking off at North Star Cafe on April 15th, a serious raffle offered up uniquely-North-Beach prizes (to give you some idea, a VIP trip around the Bay on the SFPD Fire tugboat was among them). The week wrapped up with a raucous live-music finale at Tupelo the night of April 21st. They’ve raised thousands already with donations still coming in, with all proceeds going to the Tel Hi Neighborhood Center.

And that’s not all: We’ve also got the Doors Open project from Nick Floulis and Elmer Mejicanos, the team behind the Deck The Halls holiday pop-up (soon to become Lillie Coit’s). Now underway in the old Washbag space at 701 Powell Street, Doors Open has created a menu of dishes and cocktails inspired by The Salzburg, Ferry Plaza Seafood and Tuk Tuk Thai. The benefit is set to run until July, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to displaced employees of those three businesses, along with those of Coit Liquors and Rogue Ales. We salute these efforts, and encourage everyone to support them in any way they can. 

In other news, after falling prey to heavy rains earlier this month, the first Spring iteration of the North Beach Wine Walk is now set for next Friday, May 4th, from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. That date also happens to be a First Friday, and all thirteen of the venues from December’s walk are coming back–so you can count on a very lively event. 

For the uninitiated, the Wine Walk pairs North Beach businesses (galleries, shops, bars and restaurants) with local wineries, who provide tastes of their wines for the roving participants at each stop. It's a legit event and a great night out, and the perfect way to meet a whole new set of neighbors while checking out some of North Beach’s best spots (many of which are normally closed during these hours). For tickets and more details, visit the North Beach Spring Wine Walk webpage

It’s also a big weekend for our friends at storied local bar Specs’, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this Sunday. That’s quite a milestone, befitting of a proper blowout, and you’re guaranteed a choice assemblage of regulars and locals at this one. There are no hours posted, so feel free to contact them for more details.

Lastly, I’m extremely pleased to report that work has begun at 600 Union. While I’ve heard no timelines, there are teams of workers on the scene, scaffolds in place, and a fresh load of steel girders laid out on the pavement. It’s heartening to see, to say the least. Here’s to a speedy renovation, and the rapid return of our neighbor businesses to their homes.

The SFNBBA Blog will be back with more North Beach news, so make sure to visit us again soon. See you in the neighborhood!


Sat, Jun 16th

The 64th Annual North Beach Festival

Saturday & Sunday, June 16th and 17th, 2018

San Francisco Comes To North Beach To Celebrate Our Classic FestivalRead More ...
San Francisco
June 16-17, 2018
10 pm to 6 pm
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Jun 16

The 64th Annual North Beach Festival

San Francisco Comes To North Beach To Celebrate Our Classic Festival
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North Beach Rising: Neighborhood Rallies With Series Of Events

North Beach is a special neighborhood for many reasons. The events of recent weeks illustrate just one of them: Since the tragic fire of March 17th hollowed out the historic building at the 600 block of Union Street, North Beach has responded with grace, and with unity. 

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